Pros and Cons of Breeding Siberian Huskies

So we have talked about what this dog looks like. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to keep a Siberian Husky.


These dogs are categorized as medium-sized but potential owners should be warned – if you’re looking for a lapdog, the husky is most certainly not it. These high-energy dogs need to be exercised, regularly and vigorously, for them to be a pleasant roommate while they are at home. A bored dog is a destructive dog and a bored husky? Let’s just say your house might not survive. So if you can fit in a long walk and some enthusiastic play, you can begin to consider this dog as a pet. If you enjoy outdoor sports like trail running, hiking or mountain biking, you couldn’t ask for a better doggy companion.

As we mentioned earlier, huskies are smart. This does not mean they will do as you ask and search on google for a no deposit bonus. It just means that they will fully understand what you want from them while choosing to ignore your requests. Huskies are in no hurry to please their owners, so an experienced owner, who is consistent and fair in their training, will be best prepared to take on this kind of dog.

While huskies can be taught many things, guarding does not come naturally to them. They are more likely to incapacitate a burglar through affection than by a show of force. If your future dog is not meant to be part of your home security system, huskies are an option.

Huskies do well in a multi-dog household, probably a vestige of their time as part of sled teams. Some however can be unpredictable around small pets like cats and rabbits, so careful introductions and supervised socialization with these animals is highly recommended. Similarly, huskies should not be allowed off leash outdoors – their prey drive and instinct to explore means they often get lost.

When it comes to maintenance, these dogs do present challenges. Twice a year, huskies will ‘blow their coat’, which means they will shed their undercoat. This is a lot of hair and a lot of brushing and sweeping. New owners should be prepared to put in the time to keep their dog (and their home) in good shape. During the rest of the year, they do not shed much.

Huskies are escape artists. Make sure your fence is secure from above (make it at least 6-feet tall to prevent climbing) and below, where it should be sunken into the ground several feet to prevent escape by digging.